Way Tutu Busy Mommies – Meet Erika Anderson (Scentsy)

Every week, we’ll be featuring one fabulous lady that is not only a WayTutuCute.com customer and fan, but also a hard working Mom.  Want to be featured?  Email us and let us know!

Meet Erika Anderson.  Erika is originally from Gainesville, Florida and currently lives in Plantation, FL. She and her husband, Johnny, have 2 girls, ages 5 years & 8 months. Erika is a consultant with Scentsy Wickless Candles: www.OneLittleLite.com.

Q. What made you decide to start your business?
A.  I was feeling frustrated that my work was taking over my personal life. That drove me to google candle companies late one night out of curiousity. I’ve always been a collector of candles because I love having fragrance in my home.  When I had my first daughter, I had stopped using them because I was concerned about soot & smoke & then later became concerned about her wanting to play with the flame.  When I found Scentsy by accident and saw that it was a wickless candle, I knew I had found something I could get excited about because it solved a problem that I personally faced.

Q.  What is your favorite part about running this business?
A.  I love seeing the smile on my customer’s faces when they find a scent that they love.  I love knowing that they are enjoying a simple pleasure that greets them every day & they have peace of mind about the safety benefits.

Q.  Do you have a favorite Scentsy item?
A.  Yes, the Florida Gators Full Size Candle Warmer from the Campus Collection.  They come in a variety of teams.

Q.  Do you have any tips for Moms trying to start their own business?
A.  Do your research.  Use other mom business owners as a resource. Don’t re-invent the wheel.  Don’t be afraid to share your dreams, other women want to see you succeed!

Q.  How do you juggle the business and being a Mommy?
A.   I have had to learn to keep it separate.  I will usually do administrative things in my office late at night when everyone is sleeping, so I can make phone calls during their nap time during the day.

Q.  What do you find was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
A.  Learning how to get connected in South Florida. I’m from a small town, so it was a surprise to me when I realized that people are so busy & disconnected.  I overcame it by using Facebook, Meetup.com & my customers as resources to meet other people that I had things in common with. For example, other mom business owners who I can collaborate with to get the word out. It amazes me how powerfully women network.  We are naturals!

Q.  Where do you see your business going in the next year?
A.  I plan to triple my business by continuing to build my customer base & mentor my team of consultants to successfully build their businesses.

Shop online at onelittlelite.scentsy.us.

GIVEAWAY:  Erika has been nice enough to offer our fans the chance to win a Scentsy Companion System valued at $55. Includes your choice of full-size warmer, plug-in warmer, & 3 Scentsy bars.  To enter, visit our FB fan page and click on “Weekly Giveaway”.


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